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Super Circular Interim Final Rule Issued Super Circular Interim Final Rule Issued.pdf
Supplemental Attach - Employer's Election to Cover Multi-State Workers 68-0600 68-0600 Employers Election To Cover Multi-State Workers Supplemental Attachment.pdf
Tax Bureau General Information 65-5345 65-5345 Unemployment Insurance Tax Bureau General Information.pdf
Tax Withholding Agreement 60-0360 60-0360 Tax Withholding Agreement.pdf
Teacher Externships & the STEM Connection 3.8.18 STEM and Externships.pdf
Teacher Externships & the STEM Connection - Storm Lake Teacher Externships & The STEM Connection - Storm Lake.pdf
The Amanas, IA Laborshed Analysis 2019 amanas_execsummary2019.pdf
Tipton (Cedar County) Laborshed Executive Summary 2016 tipton_execsummary2016.pdf
Tipton, IA Laborshed Analysis 2019 tipton_execsummary2019.pdf
Title I Programs - Chapter 8 Title I Programs - Chapter 8.pdf
Top Benefits of the Full-Time Employed - Statewide Laborshed Trends 2014 Top Benefits of FT Employed_2014.csv
Training Extension Benefits 60-0192 60-0192 Training Extension Benefits 2017-12.pdf
Training Opportunities 70-9661 70-9661 Training Opportunities.pdf
Transportation & Material Moving Occupational Report, 2019 Statewide Laborshed transportation_statewide2019.pdf
U.S. Department of Labor Letter of Approval ApprovalLetterUSDOLDec2012.pdf
UI Appeal Hearings Proactive Tips for Employers_20160914 UI Appeal Hearings Proactive Tips for Employers_20160914.pdf
UI Law Effectively Handling UI Claims UI Law Effectively Handling UI Claims.pdf
Underemployment - Statewide Laborshed Trends 2014 Underemployment_2014.csv
Unemployment Insurance Appeal Form 60-0169 60-0169 Unemployment Insurance Appeal Form.pdf
Unemployment Insurance Contested Cases and the Appeal Process 70-5017 70-5017 Unemployment Insurance Contested cases and the Appeal Process.pdf
Unemployment Insurance Definitions_07172019 UI_Statistics_Definitions.pdf
Unemployment Insurance Poster 70-8010 UnemploymentFlyer70-8010.pdf
Unemployment Insurance Statistics: Definition of Terms UIstats_definitions.pdf
Unified State Plan Conditional Letter of Approval 2016-06-30 USP -- Conditional Letter of Approval.pdf
Union County/Creston Laborshed Analysis 2018 creston_execsummary2018.pdf