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WARN_20190604 (XLS) WARN_20190604.xlsx
WARN_20190802v3 (PDF) WARN_20190802v3.pdf
WARN_20190802v3 (XLSX) WARN_20190802v3.xlsx
WARN_20191021 (PDF) WARN_20191021.pdf
WARN_20191021 (XLS) WARN_20191021.xlsx
Washington (Washington County) Laborshed Executive Summary 2016 washington_execsummary2016.pdf
Washington, IA Laborshed Analysis 2019 washington_execsummary2019.pdf
Waukee/Dallas County Laborshed Analysis 2016 waukee_execsummary2016.pdf
Waukon, Iowa Laborshed Analysis 2018 waukon_execsummary2018.pdf
Waverly, IA Laborshed Analysis 2019 waverly_execsummary2019.pdf
Webster City Executive Summary webstercity_execsummary2015.pdf
Webster City, IA Laborshed Analysis 2019 webstercity_execsummary2019.pdf
Webster City/Hamilton County Laborshed Analysis Executive Summary 2017 webstercity_execsummary2017.pdf
West Des Moines/Dallas County Laborshed Analysis 2016 westdesmoines_execsummary2016.pdf
Western Iowa Advantage Regional Laborshed Analysis 2016 westerniowaadv_execsum2016.pdf
Wholesale & Retail Trade: Statewide Laborshed 2016 wholesale&retail_statewidelaborshed2016.pdf
Wholesale & Retail Trade: Statewide Laborshed 2017 wholesaleretail_statewidelaborshed2017.pdf
Willingness to Stay in Iowa by Demographics: 2017 Iowa College Survey Willingness to Stay in Iowa by Demographics.csv
Winterset/Madison County Laborshed Analysis 2016 winterset_execsummary2016.pdf